Vuurklip Firelighters

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Re-usable and cost-effective firelighters

About the product:

The stones are hand-made. The product itself is very good at handling high heat and it cools down very fast. It is very unlikely for the stones to break or crack in a normal fireplace fire or braai/barbeque fire under normal conditions. The porous stones are placed in a neat container filled with paraffin. The stones absorb some of the paraffin in the container. The stones are taken out of the container using a supplied plastic tong. Simply lit the stone using a match or lighter. Stack the wood or charcoal on top of the stone and soon your fire will be going strong. Once the fire is going strong and after the stone burned out (normally after approx. 5 to 10 minutes) the stone can be taken out of the fire and left aside to cool down. Once the stone has cooled down it can be put back into the container containing paraffin and soon it will be ready to light up another fire. Please note that the container must be kept full of paraffin to achieve the best results. There are printed safety precautions on each bottle.

The product is available in 1 size only...

Product Code VK300

A 300ml container with 2 stones and a plastic tong (excluding paraffin*).

R75-00 each (excluding courier fees)

R100 for courier fees (SA Only)

*Unfortunately, we are not allowed to courier the containers filled with paraffin. So you need to buy your own paraffin to fill the container/s. You will spend approx. R5-00 for 200ml of paraffin to fill one container. It is advisable to buy at least 750ml. Paraffin can be bought at numerous hardware shops, supermarkets, and some filling stations.

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